Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bath Ranch

 A house at the Bath Ranch site west of Laramie.  February 2012.
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I've always wanted to poke around the historic Bath Ranch site at the intersection of Herrick Lane and Interstate 80.  The beautiful stone barn is especially enticing, but the ranch is privately owned, and I never climbed over the fence to check it out until earlier this month when I drove past on a bleak snowy day that settled on the site in a way that I couldn't resist; the gate was locked but not posted, so I climbed over.  

The ranch was built in about 1875 and is on the National Register of Historic Places.  There are two residences there, along with the barn, some outbuildings. and old trucks, cars, and tractors.  The Bath Bros. are still an active outfit, and according to their website they run about 900 head of cattle and breed horses, which appear in Cheyenne's Frontier Days, where they were ridden in a parade by the governor and his wife, and in other events and rodeos.

 An abandoned Chevy truck.

 Same truck, from the inside, with the stone barn in view.

House and outbuildings.

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