Monday, March 5, 2012

Chugwater: Blue Cylinders

Grain storage, Chugwater, Wyoming. Pre-dawn, March 2012.
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A friend, Ed Sherline, and I joined forces over the weekend and went for a long random drive around the plains of Eastern Wyoming almost to the Nebraska border looking for photographs.  After spending Friday night at a cheap hotel in Wheatland, we headed for Chugwater in the pre-dawn light of a bitterly cold and ferociously windy Saturday morning to photograph the grain elevators and storage bins along the railroad tracks there until we were too cold to push our camera shutters.  My favorite images were made before the sun actually rose, thanks to the wonderful blue morning light on the silver metal structures.  

It's interesting when on a photography trip with another photographer to discover that each, photographing in the same places, makes very different images.  We all see the world differently. 

I'll be posting many other images from this trip, eventually, but I'll start with these.  

 Grain storage.  The wooden building is made entirely of 2x6's stacked up and nailed so that the walls are solid wood.

Grain storage and tracks. 

More blue cylinders.

A touch of light between cylinders.

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  1. Beautiful scenery, Ken. Thanks for sharing the photos. --Kim