Sunday, February 26, 2012


Bei in June 2007 (age 5+), checking out  butterflies at Blair, near Laramie.  
Butterfly-eye view.
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For a month or so in the summer, the Miller Moths invade Laramie and flutter erratically around the house.  It's a little annoying, but for my daughter Bei, perhaps a little more than annoying.  She wrote the following essay for a 5th grade class assignment in which they were asked to write about "one animal you don't like."


By:  Bei

What is one animal you don't like?  The animal I don't like is moths.  I will tell you why I don't like moths.  I don't like moths because they hide in my bed, they love light, and they move oddly.

First, I don't like moths because they like hiding in my bed.  I will pull back the covers and there they are.  Before we can catch them they fly to a different place in my bed.  By the time we catch them it is too late to read anymore.

The second reason I don't like moths is because they love light.  When you are in a car they gather around the car windows because of the light in the car.  When I am reading they will flutter in my lamp. When they fly in the lamps it makes a thumping sound.  

The last reason I don't like moths is because of the way they move.  When they fly they go fast.  When they fly it is almost like they are jumping.  Also, when they walk they rock back and forth.  It looks so weird and creeps me out.

Those are the reasons why I don't like moths.  Do you think you could tell me what animal you do not like?  Thank you for listening to what animal I don't like.  

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  1. I also don't like moths, well the ones that pupated in my desk @ work &the the worm form descending in front of my computer screen.