Monday, February 13, 2012


My daughter, Bei, waiting for her Dad to take a picture so we can go see the damn movie! (not her words)
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Laramie enjoyed a lovely and unexpected snowstorm last night.  The forecast called for an inch, but we had a solid 6" in our yard this morning, and it's still filtering out of a grey sky, though we aren't supposed to get much more today.  It was also a storm without wind, at least in town, which in case you don't live here, is highly unusual.  Bei and I went to see Hugo last night at the Wyo, where tickets on Sunday night are $3.  Hard to beat that.  It started dumping just as we left the house, so I grabbed my camera, cranked the ISO to 1600, and took a few photos.  I'd hoped to get the classic Wyo Theater with a long line of moviegoers in front, but alas, we were a few minutes too early and I decided to cease my torture of Bei after taking a couple of her in the theater lights.  

I took a couple of winter photos on Saturday out in the Laramie Basin, before this most recent snow dump.  It's stark out there in the winter, but beautiful when it is whitewashed.

Fence, Herrick Lane, Laramie Basin.

Snow fence, Herrick Lane, Laramie Basin

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