Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Wee Blow

Blowing snow makes the high tension wires sing south of Laramie.  
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It's a wee bit windy here in Laramie this morning, as it is wont to be.  It's common to see 60+ mph winds in the forecast and recorded on the gauges, especially up at Vedauwoo east of town or at Arlington west of here, but 70 mph is rare and 80 mph gets everyone talking.  It was windy yesterday, and it got worse last night.  The REALLY high wind isn't supposed to blow in until later today.  The roads have been closed for over 2 days, which means no newspapers (they come from Cheyenne I think) and a dwindling supply of dairy products at our local Safeway store, which has a hard time managing their stock even when the roads are open.  

Meanwhile, I see on Facebook, that my friend Sam Lightner, who is in famously windy Patagonia on a climbing trip, is reporting that he "can't believe how calm it is today...there isn't even a baby farting out there."  He should just come to Laramie and attempt to reach the summit of the Nautilus.  It might be impossible without a compressor and a drill (climber make joke).

Laramie is nestled among "superb" wind resources, depending on your point of view.

Trucks waiting for the road to open at the Petro Truck Stop in West Laramie (2009 photo).

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