Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New kittens: Simon and Henry

Our new kittens;  Simon (left) and Henry (right)

I know.  Pictures of kittens are just like shooting fish in the cuteness barrel.  But we just brought two home from the Larimer County Humane Society shelter in Ft. Collins, so I need to get this out of my system.  Simon and Henry are brothers, two months old.  Bei is extremely  excited, and Ellen and I are having fun with them too, even though we both realized that we may still have them when we're 70.  The only decent photographs I can get are when they're sleeping.  The rest of the time they move too fast to actually focus.  I already have a bunch of blurry pictures of orange things.  Welcome to the family Simon and Henry.

Henry, I think, beginning to work on our couch.

Discussing how to destroy our couch.

Dreaming about how to destroy our couch.



  1. They're precious!!! Glad you shared your "Everyday Pix" of them,e ven if they are sleeping in most!!! Everyone with cats has their cat photos, but it's always a pleasure to see cat photos, especially of kittens, much two matching kittens!!!

  2. Oh my --- cute beyond description. My elderly cat just died in April (18.5yrs), and for the first time in 35+years my house is without a pet. Am starting to look for another feline companion (or 2), thanks for posting, they look super fun. Diane gorski

    1. Diane--I replied in my blog comments about getting kittens...check out the Larimer shelter if you are seriously looking!

  3. Hi Diane--I'm sorry about your cat. Our old cat disappeared last November. They have a BUNCH of kittens at the Ft. Collins (Larimer County) Humane Society shelter. I linked their website in the blog above. You can look at photos of the available animals. Ken

  4. Replies
    1. I wish you could see them--they are incredibly funny.