Monday, July 9, 2012

Chesapeake Bay

My parent's dock and boathouse on the Chesapeake Bay, before Hurricane Isabel (2003) excised them from the property.
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Bei, Ellen, and I just spent a week visiting my parents at their home on the Chesapeake Bay--actually on an inlet from the Chesapeake called Mobjack Bay, not far north of Yorktown, Virginia and the Newport News/Norfolk megalopolis.  I'll post more when I have time to sort through photos, though I didn't take that many--the theme of the visit was the heat wave, and going outside to do anything, including photography, was like swimming through a furnace.  When I stepped out of an air conditioned car my glasses fogged up.  I did manage a few short early morning kayak explorations, while it was still in the 80s, spent a lot of time standing in the swimming pool, and rallied for a visit to Colonial Williamsburg.  

I'm used to Wyoming, where old buildings slowly turn to dust and blow away.  On the coastal plain of Virginia, they are consumed by vines and seem to be melting before your eyes.  

The rebuilt dock, sans boathouse.

A telephone in a neighbor's outbuilding.  How many kids have seen these before?

A water level view of my parent's dock, with crab pot.

Parked on a small island where their are graves from the 1700s.  Some of George Washington's relations lived nearby.

A church near my parent's house.

Colonial Williamsburg:  100 degrees.

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