Thursday, July 12, 2012

From the Archives: Kashgar

Naan, Kashgar.
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It's been too long since I was in China.  Summer reminds me of our trip to Xinjiang in Western China in 2006, near the end of the year that we spent teaching in Yunnan.  In the summer, the old Silk Road town of Kashgar (Kashi in Chinese) is hot, and life is lived mostly out on the street.  People even drag their beds out into their front yards to sleep at night.  The Chinese are working hard to swamp the Uighur culture with Han culture, and since we were there have even bulldozed part of old town Kashgar which was a center of Uighur history.  I was lucky enough to have visited before that happened.  

Kashgar kids.

Early morning Kashgar: talking with a neighbor over a wall.

Kashgar street scene.

Bei with lamb kabobs!

Uighur man, Kashgar animal market.

Not udders.

Wupaer market near Kashgar.

Melon stand.

Kashgar window.

Kashgar curtain.

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