Friday, July 13, 2012


The Himalaya, Coney Island.
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It's summer carnival season.  Here in Laramie, the Jubilee Days carnival is set up downtown along the railroad tracks in seedy glory.  The Union Pacific train engineers lay on their horns as they pass, but the kids at the carnival hardly notice.  A country band plays in a parking lot, and a few people dance, but the music is mostly drowned out by all the generators that power the rides.  This year, inflatable swords were a coveted prize, and friendly sword fights broke out under the neon lights among all the tattoos.  

In other places carnivals are more permanent, and even seedier.  Coney Island is one of the most famous, along with the Bruce Springsteen celebrated New Jersey shore carnivals.  

A few images from Laramie and the East Coast:   

Putt-putt golf.  Keansburg, NJ.  2008.

Keansburg entrance at dawn.  NJ.  2008.

Primitive visitor.  Keansburg, NJ. 2008.

Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs.  Coney Island.  2008.

Coney Island.  2008.

Coney Island.  2008.

It's an exciting world.  Bei with Immy Smith, Laramie Jubilee Days.  2008.

Bei, Jubilee Days, 2008.

Laramie Jubilee Days.  2010

Laramie Jubilee Days.  2010.

Bei, Laramie Jubilee Days.  2010.

Bei,  Laramie Jubilee Days.  2010.

Candy apples, Laramie Jubilee Days.  2012.

Jalapeno eating contest.  Laramie Jubilee Days.  2012.

The Zipper.  Laramie Jubilee Days.  2012.

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