Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Goshen County Farm

Cistern cover and outbuilding at an abandoned farm in Goshen County, Wyoming.  March 2012
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I visited this abandoned farm on the Van Tassell Road in Goshen County, Wyoming, a number of years ago while on my way to the Black Hills and have always wanted to return.  Ed Sherline and I stopped here earlier in March while we were on our Eastern Wyoming weekend road trip.  This particular farm is just a mile or so north of an abandoned school that used to have a room full of old books, which have since been removed--hopefully to a good home.  The most unique feature of this farm is the wooden cistern cover (above).  I also love the white paint that stands out in contrast to the stark landscape and gray clouds to the east.  I plan to experiment with monochrome versions of some of these images, but I like the golden color of the grass too.  The attic in the white outbuilding is full of glass jars of all sizes.  Why? 

Outbuilding, Goshen County 

Coats still hanging in the mudroom. 

Appliances and outbuildings 

 Outbuilding and fence.

Outbuilding with attic full of glass jars.

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