Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snow at last!

A road in the Laramie Basin on Monday morning, before last night's storm.
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I never thought I would be so glad to see some snow!  Ironically, for someone who's lived in Laramie for 25 years, I prefer the warm months, but this year has been ridiculous.  First, it stopped snowing at the end of February, which is unheard of.  Then, aside from a few early season storms in a sea of unusually warm weather, it didn't start snowing again until last night, when 4 or 5 inches fell in town.  Hopefully a lot more fell on the ski trails at Happy Jack, which is why I'm so glad to see it.  It's the holidays, and Nordic skiing is one of the great reasons to stay here for them, but just a couple of weeks ago I was still riding my mountain bike up there.  

There's more warm weather in the forecast after it dips to near or below zero tonight, but not enough to melt the base this time, and I'm hoping that we'll be skiing soon.  Happy Holidays!

Bei and Ellen earlier this month in the (slightly) Snowy Range, looking for a Christmas tree.

A snowy fence this morning on 1st Street.

Downtown Laramie this morning, at about 11 degrees.

A runner on the railroad footbridge.

What we were doing last year at this time.

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