Friday, December 28, 2012

Pine Bluffs, Wyoming

Sunrise, Pine Bluffs, Wyoming.
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Note (5 May 2015):  See comment below this post for some nice information on some of the pictures from a former resident.  It's fun to get information like this to add to the story.

According to Wikipedia, Pine Bluffs was originally known as Rock Ranch and consisted of a tent with a chimney.  From there it grew into an important railroad town along the Texas Trail and served as a loading point for cattle that had been driven north to meet the Union Pacific.  Today the population is just over 1100 people and agriculture dominates the economy.  There are some historic photos of Pine Bluffs at this site.  The Old Lincoln Highway, which is now replaced by I-80 passes through town.

As I said in my previous post, Ed Sherline and I drove to Pine Bluffs before Christmas to be there for sunrise on a cold windy morning.  I spent most of my time exploring the gas pump collection (previous post) at Pete's Service, while Ed explored along the main street.  One of my favorite images of the town was the first one I took there when I got out of the car--an old stone garage decorated for Christmas.

On the way home, we stopped in Cheyenne and had chicken fried steak, pancakes, and bacon for breakfast.  That's the real reason we get up early to photograph small town Wyoming.

Old Pine Bluffs.

Metal garage, Pine Bluffs.

Grain elevator, Pine Bluffs.

Retired advertisement, Pine Bluffs.

Stone garage, Pine Bluffs.

Window curtains, Pine Bluffs.


  1. I grew up in Pine Bluffs and have many fond memories of that little town. I left Wyoming in 1973 and unfortunately have not been able to return. I can label some of your photos although they looked much different when I lived there. The garage was the Ford garage and it was right across the street from my parents' business, the R.S.Walters Grain Co. The office,warehouse,store and living quarters were demolished before you were there. The "metal garage" was the feedmill under which was a 40ft.platform scale.My dad built the grain elevator in 1946-47. I'm almost certain that the windows with curtains were across the alley from my upstairs bedroom window. It was then Maxfield Refrigeration and Appliance. Several of my cousins and many friends graduated from UW. I too enjoy exploring abandoned buildings. My husband used to tell me I was going to be arrested for tresspassing. I regret that I never took pictures.

    1. Hi Ann Marie, Thanks so much for the information--it's fun to hear firsthand an adds some nice history to the photos. I'd be more than happy to e-mail you the digital photo files if you would like them. You can e-mail me at if you'd like. Again, thanks so much!