Friday, October 12, 2012

Photography Show at BCA

Sunrise, Skull Rim, Red Desert, Wyoming
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I'm showing ten prints tonight at the Biodiversity Conservation Alliance (BCA) offices in downtown Laramie from 6-9.  Actually, the photos will be up all month, but BCA is sponsoring a reception tonight with music and refreshments.  If you're in Laramie, come down and say hi.  Part of the profit from any print sales will go to BCA.  The images that I'm showing are mostly focused on Wyoming Basins--BCA is active in helping to protect these places from the relentless pressure of energy development. 

BCA is located in the white building at 412 S. 2nd.  It's the big white building with the hollyhock mural on the south side.

Old Tree, Shirley Basin, Wyoming

Ferris Dunes, Wyoming


  1. Mind-blowing sunrise photo. Can't believe you found all that beauty in one place. Thanks for sharing Ken.

  2. Thanks Darrow! We're mutual admirers of one another's blogs.