Thursday, October 18, 2012

From the Archives: China Portraits

Woman with pipe, Yunnan Province, China
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I'm too busy right now for a proper blog post, so here are a few portraits from China--above is a woman that we met at a market in a small town called Liming in the mountains up a side valley off of the Yangtze.  She wasn't smoking tobacco.  Liming, by the way, rests below spectacular sandstone cliffs that appear to have potential to be a climbing mecca.  To the best of my knowledge, nobody has put up routes there.  The image below is of a man at another Yunnan Village, called Wenhai, in the mountains above Lijiang, where we lived.  A woman in the village had died the previous week (of a heart attack while working in the fields apparently) and he was at the wake, which was spirited and not glum.  The young woman below lived in the grasslands above a town called Xiahe in the Gansu Province.  Xiahe is a Tibetan town and home of a large monastery.  There's been a lot of unrest there since we visited in 2006.  I was out for a walk when she came out of her house and down the hill to offer me some wildflowers that she had picked in the pasture behind her.

Man with cigarette, Wenhai, China

Young woman, Xiahe, China

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