Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Portraits

Bei at the Blair-Wallis area near Laramie.
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I love taking portraits, but I don't do it often enough because mostly I go out shooting in remote places by myself.  This fall I'm shooting a few Senior Portraits--a tradition that has emerged since I was in high school back in the Middle Ages.  It's a big deal for high school seniors now to get formal or not-so-formal outdoor portraits taken.  I did a couple last year and am doing a couple this year, but I'm too busy with school to shoot many.  I won't post them because I didn't ask permission to plaster them on the internet, but I did go up to Blair last night to take some photos of Bei while the leaves are so nice.  Tomorrow I'm heading to the Snowies with a senior to shoot some portraits with Medicine Bow Peak in the background. That will be fun.  

Photo geek information:  Since I only have one strobe, that's what I'm using here.  Manual exposure for background, SB800 through white umbrella camera left, TTL, thin clouds or shade are best.

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  1. Bei is beautiful! Love the locations you picked - the background is amazing! Nancy