Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Driving around

Abandoned trailer north of Laramie.

I've photographed around Laramie for so long that sometimes it's hard for me to get myself out to drive around with my camera, but whenever I do I have fun.  Last weekend I took a break from class preparation to head up to Bosler the back way--on a dirt road that parallels the highway.  It's a classic Laramie Basin drive with wide open grasslands split by the Laramie River and punctuated by a few ranches, some cows and antelope, and a few old trailers.  I've photographed some of this before of course, but every trip is a little different--sometimes because of different light and sometimes just because you're in a different mood.  

Fenceline, Laramie Basin.  I'll post just on fences soon.

Rabbitbrush and trailer, Laramie Basin

Abandoned trailer near Bosler

Trailer detail, Bosler

Abandoned trailer and prairie, Bosler

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