Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spring Dance Recital

Bei in full costume for this spring's dance performance.
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It's the end of May, which means that a large number of parents in Laramie, and probably throughout the U.S., have made it through another season of end-of-year performances and ceremonies.  For us this year, the list included the all-school choir sing (1 hour), an orchestra concert (1 hour), an elementary school awards ceremony (1 hour and 45 minutes!), and the annual Laramie Dance Center performance (3 hours).  I've posted about the dance program before, and of all of Bei's activities, it's the one she loves the most, having danced since she was tiny.  

The best part of the dance performance for me is watching the littlest kids, in their extravagant costumes, attempting to follow their teacher's instructions, which are communicated either from the wings, where the dancer's attention is clearly focused throughout the dance, or by teachers on the stage with the dancers, who labor to herd the (mostly) girls in the general direction called for by the choreography.  

Here are a few photos from this year's performance.

Photo geek info:  It's dark in the A&S Auditorium and the dancers are moving around, so I shot at ISO 3200 this year from about 1/80 - 1/125 sec. from f5.6 - f8, depending on the dance.  You can either shoot at high ISO and try to stop the motion/minimize the blur, or give into it and shoot at slow shutter speeds for motion blur. 

Motion blur.

Very small dancers trying to mimic their teacher.


The challenge of trying to watch two teachers and dance at the same time.

More motion blur.

A baseball dance.

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