Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hawk Springs, Wyoming

Old garage at Hawk Springs, chocked full of interesting looking stuff.
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Hawk Springs, Wyoming is a small "town" that occupies a road intersection between Cheyenne and Torrington.  Ed Sherline and I stopped there in March during our road trip to the Eastern Plains, attracted to the run-down look of the place and the collection of abandoned cars in a small lot to the right of the building pictured above.  There was a not-too-welcoming warning painted on the back door of this place that said something to the effect of "Keep your f-ing thieving hands off of my stuff," so we were a little loathe to penetrate too deeply onto the property, even though I doubt that anyone was watching us down the barrel of their shotgun.  I did risk peering into a broken window.  Some interesting things were in there, including a very old car (Model-T vintage), antique cigarette signs, and old bicycle parts.  The remainder of the space was filled with not-so-interesting things:  old tires (many), milk crates, unidentifiable crap.  I hope to return one day and explore further.

Welding is available.

Old car graveyard, Hawk Springs.

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