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Bei with her cousin Jesse on the Olympic Peninsula, 2010.
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I wrote a short post last year about a quick visit to Austin, Texas, where my two sisters live with their families. Bei has no less than six first cousins, scattered literally from coast to coast and from north to south. My brother, Clark, lived close to us (in Denver) for a while, so Bei is close to his son, Jesse, and they still love to get together even though now Clark and his family live on the Olympic Peninsula. Jesse's enthusiasm is unbounded, and is currently directed towards baseball, but I suspect that he and Bei will manage to find common ground when they (hopefully) see each other this summer.  My sister Emily's daughter Sofia, loves to hang out with her older cousin, Bei. They have a mutual interest in fashion, and generally sidestep their less sophisticated boy cousins.  Em's son, Manny, about Bei's age and an avid guitarist, is a rising young star in Austin's music scene with his band, Taco and the Enchiladas. My other sister, Kim, has a son, Ruess, who recently earned his black belt.  

Ellen's sister, Connelle, in New Jersey, has twin Chinese daughters, Lauren and Leigh, who are older than Bei. They are currently slogging through a tough crew season, and are incredibly talented academically and artistically. Bei has always loved Lauren and Leigh, and now soaks in every insight into their teenage world.  

Collectively, the cousins are a formidable group of kids.  

My parents were both only-children, so I never had first cousins, but I had three siblings.  Bei is an only-child herself, so I love that she has this large group of cousins in her life.  I wonder what stories they will remember together when they are grown up?

Bei and Jesse, Olympic Peninsula, 2010.

Bei and Jesse, Olympic Peninsula, 2010.

Jesse, Lake Crescent Lodge, Olympic Peninsula, 2010.

Bei, Point Breeze, Virginia, 2010.

Jesse, Pt. Breeze, Virginia, 2010.

Bei, Ruess, Sofia, Manny, Pedernales State Park, Texas, 2011.

Leigh (L), Bei, and Lauren (R), Snowy Range, Wyoming, 2011.

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