Monday, December 5, 2011

New Book: Yin Yang

                                    Bei (age 4) with Naxi men in Yunnan, China, 2005.

Ellen, Bei, and I lived in China in 2005-06 in Lijiang, a beautiful but touristy town at the foot of the Himalaya in the Yunnan Province.  Ellen and I taught English at a small college.  Bei, then four, went to a Chinese kindergarten.  Alice Renouf of Boulder, Colorado, helped us organize our year there.  She founded the Colorado China Council, which helps connect U.S. teachers to jobs teaching English in China.  We became great friends with Alice, and Ellen worked for her after our return to the States for a couple of years. 

Alice and Mary Beth Ryan-Maher just published a book called Yin Yang: American Perspectives on Living in China.  It features writing from my China blog and some of Ellen's letters to Alice, and photos from our stay there.  The above is one of my favorites, taken while we were out for a walk in one of the Naxi villages near where we lived (the Naxi are the dominant ethnic group in Lijiang).  The book also features lots of great writing by other American teachers that Alice has helped send to China.  If you are interested in China it's a great read, even if you haven't been there.  The book is available in paperback from Amazon for about $20. 

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