Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ferris Dunes

Sunrise, Ferris Dunes. (Scan from slide -- probably Fujichrome Velvia)
(click photos for larger version)

There are surprising and beautiful places hidden in Wyoming basins. One of them is at the base of the Ferris Mountains north of Rawlins and east of Muddy Gap, where sand from the Wind River Mountains has been picked up by the wind (wind in Wyoming??!!) and blown all the way across the center of the state to pile up into huge, active sand dunes. Nearby is the tiny ghost town of Ferris, presumably associated with George Ferris, a miner and sheepherder who came to Wyoming after the Civil War and eventually was killed in a horse accident.  I like to visit the dunes in the summer when I'm on my way north to better known destinations.  Last summer I took Bei and her cousins from New Jersey to camp in the Ferris.  Lauren and Leigh had never camped before--what better place to start than in an obscure Wyoming basin.

Bei (center) with her NJ cousins on their first camping trip.  August 2011.

Evening, Ferris Dunes.

Dune grass, Ferris Dunes.

Drilling cable, Ferris Dunes.

Sunrise from Ferris Dunes.

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