Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dirt Piles, Sticks, and Snow

Dirt piles, sticks, and snow, Laramie.
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For me, there comes a time every winter, usually not long before we head south for spring break, that everything having to do with winter starts to feel bleak and uninspiring.  I'm not depressed, just no longer especially interested in white landscapes and cold, colorless expanses, or wind.   

Photographically, I get into a rut and don't get out much until the first bit of spring color starts to lift my creative spirits--often with obligatory pictures of early-blooming pasque flowers, of which I have many.  

In the spirit of late winter photography, I went out this morning and photographed:  piles of dirt covered with snow.  Believe it or not, I've been eyeing these dirt piles for at least a couple of YEARS.  They are near the interstate highway, and I see them frequently as I drive hither and yon.  One especially tall pile is decorated with sticks and conduit, a curiosity.  The way these objects poke out of the top of the dirt pile has always evoked for me tall prayer flags that I saw once near the Mekong River in China (see picture below), or a mountain summit adorned with some country's flag.  I can imagine young climbers struggling to the top of this pile of dirt to triumphantly plant some electrical conduit.   

Maybe there's a universal instinct to poke sticks into places that are tall.  

Plant with dirt.

Dirt, snow, and dead plants.

Dirt piles and pointy apartments.

Dirt with rocks and snow.

Tall pile with sticks and conduit

Sticks in dirt, Laramie.

Prayer flags in dirt, Yunnan Province.

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