Saturday, February 9, 2013


On a String Stables, Laramie.
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I've been looking forward shooting some pictures of Laramie during an actual snowstorm, but since the Northeast is getting ALL the snow, and we're getting NONE, I'll post pictures of horses instead.  I've always loved photographs of horses, and there are a lot of them in Wyoming.  For a while, Bei took riding lessons at a stable near Laramie, and while she rode I could wander around outside the arena with my camera, trying to get them to pose for me.  Having grown up in the suburbs of Washington D.C. with nary a horse in sight, they are still strange creatures to me, with surprising personalities, curiosity, and senses of humor.

Here's a random collection of shots, mostly from Wyoming but also from the time when we lived in China, where a horse is a "ma," but only if you use the right tone so you don't insult all of the mothers within earshot.

Bei at On-a-String, Laramie.

Winter, On-a-String Stables.

Bei at On-a-String.


On-a-String Stables.

A picture of a 7-year-old Bei that the 11-year-old Bei would hate for her father to put on the internet.

On-a-String Stable with the lights of Laramie in the background.

Winter in the Laramie Basin.

Loading a horse on a boat to cross the Yangtze River, China.

Bei trekking in China.

Horses and Wind Rivers, Wyoming.

Laramie Basin.

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