Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mountain Cement Plant, Laramie

Tirax Boiler, Mountain Cement, Laramie
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Figuring that I might be more successful asking for forgiveness than getting permission, I walked into the abandoned part of the Mountain Cement Plant south of Laramie last week, tripod over my shoulder and camera in hand.  The site was not posted, so at least I wasn't blatantly ignoring any directive to stay out.  Despite being next to the working part of the plant, nobody bothered me as I wandered around the two cavernous main buildings and several smaller outbuildings.  The cathedral-like buildings are used now for storage, partly occupied by shelves of big motors, 55-gallon drums full of various sized metal balls, arrays of storage tanks, and piles of bricks, intermingled with old boilers and other machinery from when this part of the plant operated.  Mountain Cement was built in 1927 but eventually moved into the newer facility a little to the north of these older buildings.  

Ceiling lights and pipes, Mountain Cement.

Ceiling lights and pipes, Mountain Cement.

Main Boiler, Mountain Cement.

Storage, Mountain Cement.

Boiler, Mountain Cement.

Blue tarp, Mountain Cement.

Spigot, Mountain Cement.

Drums and pipe, Mountain Cement.

Concrete walls, Mountain Cement.

Lotsa balls, Mountain Cement.

Storage tanks, Mountain Cement

Skate or Die, Mountain Cement

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