Friday, June 22, 2012

From the Archives: Shanghai

Street scene, Shanghai China. August 2005
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Morning on the Bund, Shanghai. China, August, 2005.

I have images on my hard drive that have never seen the light of day--at least not in the U.S.  In August 2005, we moved to China for a year and spent the first month of that time in Shanghai learning about how to teach English before heading to Yunnan, where the air is cleaner and cooler. I had just made the switch from film to digital for that trip, and with a new 6 Mp Nikon D70 in hand, I walked the streets of Shanghai.  The two images above are perhaps my favorites from that huge city.  The top one was a street grab that I've always liked, but never shown or published.  The bottom image was from an early morning trip to the famous Bund.  It was published in a magazine in China called M Style after I returned to the U.S.  

It's hot in Wyoming now, but it NEVER gets as hot as Shanghai in the summer.  Still, I miss the excitement of being in China in the summer, heat, humidity and all.

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