Thursday, January 26, 2012


Towels and window in Kashgar, China -- on the old Silk Road.
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Thanks to everyone that came to my opening at Breadworks in Boulder.  It was great to see friends there and surprising to meet a bunch of people who I didn't know.  And thanks to Breadworks for serving a great meal--I ate way more gourmet pizza than I should have.  

I've been incredibly busy between teaching my regular classes and getting ready for the Breadworks show, and  haven't been posting here as much as I'd like.  I hope to get back into the routine in the next week, so watch for a new post inspired by a TED Talk I recently listened to on my IPOD while on the stationary bike trying to compensated

I sold a print at the opening of the image above.  It's always been a favorite of mine from Kashgar, which for me was one of the most interesting places that I visited while living in China.  It's changed a lot just since I was there, no thanks to the Chinese government, which seeks to dilute the troublesome Uighur population.  I feel lucky to have been there when I was, before large sections of the old city were bulldozed.  You can see more Kashgar photos on my flickr site.

And if you missed the Breadworks opening, stop by for lunch sometime -- my photos will be there until mid-February.


  1. The brilliant colors and abstract construction of this photograph draw one into the scene. I appreciate the detail of the man with his hat in the background that anchors the scene in China. ~ connelle m.

  2. Thanks for the comments Connelle! Maybe you should start a blog for your art classes. You could post student work, etc. and get more people interested maybe.