Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Listening to Nature: UW Berry Center

I'm showing photos on Friday night, October 28, at the University of Wyoming Berry Center.  The program is called Listening to Nature, and includes readings by scientists and artists, and photos by myself and two other Laramie photographers, Ed Sherline and Brett Deacon.  The image above was taken below the Skull Rim in SW Wyoming while on a photo and camping trip with Ed.  Ed and I were wandering around under a stormy sky, each capturing almost at the same time very different images that we will be showing on Friday.  If you're in Laramie, the event is at the Berry Center starting at 5:30. 

See the Creative Writing program website for details.


  1. Nice Ken. Perhaps you can share the equipment/ISO/etc your using with certain shots?

  2. I'm happy to:

    Nikon D700, 17-35 mm lens at 17 mm, f16, 1/80 sec. ISO 200.

    Thanks for the comment!